Wednesday, April 4, 2007

See it free: Fab AB

Just when "abstract" seems so last century, you lean in for a closer look and find something interesting. That's what happens with the Salt Lake Art Center show, Fab Ab: New Acrylic Abstraction. The show brings together several abstract artists and the results make for a good time.

The stars of the show are the line paintings of William Betts, which bring such precision to the application of paint that one isn't surprised to discover machinery is involved. Mr. Betts is scheduled to discuss his techniques at an upcoming Art Center lecture. Expect a future report.

Mr. Betts's works aren't the only bon-bons to enjoy at this show. Colin C. Smith delivers several paintings that would be at home on a hot rod. Using techniques from vinyl blocking to air brushing, Mr. Smith applies pigmented resin to aluminum panels with whimsical results. And yet, for all their whimsy, the paintings seem somehow sinister.

A work by Joseph Drapell features three large panels with thickly applied paint. The gray and blue hues of the work engulf the viewer in dense swirls, an effect that is only heightened by the holographic inclusions. Mr. Drapell's other works in the show however aren't as enticing.

Other artists provide additional interest and intrigue, from the mind bending Op Art of Susie Rosmarin to the surfboard aesthetic of Jesse Simon. Also on view are works by Graham Peacock and Prudencio Irazabal .

With a truly international cast, this show (curated by Salt Lake Art Center's own Jay Heuman) is definitely worth the trip downtown.

Fab Ab: New Acrylic Abstraction
Salt Lake Art Center
March 31 through May 30, 2007
Admission is free.

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