Saturday, June 13, 2009

The gARTen.

I recently attended the 15th annual Art in Pilar’s Garden. I’ve heard tell of this event for years but never knew enough of the details to attend. It used to be free. But this year it cost $10, which went to Art Access/VSA of Utah. They sent postcards informing people of the event. So this year I had all the details.
It’s hard to decide how to write about Pilar's garden because it inspired so many thoughts. So rather than choose one, I’ll give a brief mention of them all.
1. Wow, I’m seriously an old lady.
You may recall my recent musings on the fact that I tend to like things that old ladies like. Well, since we know that old ladies like botanical gardens and art/floral exhibitions, it only makes sense that they would also really like art in gardens. I will say, this event brought out a particular variety of old lady; the lesbian, flowing-dress-wearing, hippie old ladies. I’m not sure I want to be in that group. Oh well.
2. I still like crazy artists.
I’m fascinated by people who can’t seem to control their artistic tendencies—artists who just have to paint or sculpt or something. I don’t think you can develop that attitude. I kind of wish I had that crazy drive. Pilar Pobil is definitely a crazy artist. And I mean that in the best way possible, even thought her art may not appeal to my tastes.
Her entire house is bursting with her art. And she doesn’t just paint canvases—she paints everything. There are painted chairs, painted tables, painted walls, and so on. Plus, she wasn’t the only crazy artist on display. She invited several other female artists to invade her garden and display their art. (There were a surprising number of paintings of cats.)
She even has a really cool studio at the back of the garden in which she obviously spends a lot of time. It was a fitting tribute to the crazy artist.
3. Tales of the Salt Lake City.
Lately, I sometimes feel like I'm living an episode of Tales of the City. Last week it was the best pool party I’ve ever been to. It would have made Michael Tolliver envious. And last night it was 403 8th Avenue, which may be the closest Salt Lake City will ever get to 28 Barbary Lane. Seriously, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Anna Madrigal had stepped out from behind a rose bush and offered me a homegrown joint.
Here then, are a few photos from Pilar’s home and garden.

Pilar's studio and garden.

A garden path lined with art.

Pilar's entire house is covered with her art work.

Paintings of cats were all the rage.

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  1. Cats huh? You are well on your way to becoming a boy toy of the Ladies who Lunch.