Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's bath time.

OK, the door isn't installed and I still need to finish a few details, but my new bathroom is so spectacular that I can't wait any longer to post a few pictures.

Let's start with the before pictures. I have to say, these photos don't really do justice to just how bad my bathroom was. You can't see the mold. Nor can you enjoy the wobbly toilet. But hopefully you get the idea. Here are a few of the before photos:

And now for the transformation. Here's my new shower clad in sexy glass tile.

And how about this sink, hanging seductively on the wall.

I absolutely love my new medicine cabinet. It's worthy of a Damien Hirst exhibit.

The new dual flush, water conserving toilet is so sleek it almost cleans itself. I'm so glad I'll never have to try and clean my old toilet again.

Mmmmmm. Hansa. Turning on the shower has never been so fun.

And if I'm late to work, it's probably because I couldn't drag myself out from under this amazing shower head.


  1. Ok, this does it. I am definitely going to come over and take a shower sometime.

  2. Love the shower!! Gorgeous. And I love your reading list, especially one in particular...

    Happy Holidays.

    -Robert Rave

  3. Hello, it's Michele from Tile For Less. I have to say this is the BEST customer "before & after" we have seen. Thanks for the business and the photos. You really do have great vision!

  4. This is a beautiful bathroom. Did you do it all yourself? The pod-like shower is genius, I love it!!!!!

  5. Wow - everything is so well done. A work of art.