Friday, January 16, 2009

Skip the skiing. Spend a day at the beach.

To start my Sundance experience, I saw an Italian film. The poorly translated film title, One Day in a Life, didn’t reflect the Italian title, Un altro pianeta (Another Planet). But I guess a similarly named American movie is responsible for the bad translation. Nonetheless, the movie was charming. I have to offer this warning: the movie contains full-frontal male nudity, gay sex, and straight sex.

One Day in a Life is charming. It’s classic Italian cinema. Sure, it’s melodramatic. But it’s melodrama so warm, so sunny, so friendly that I can only hope my life is so tragic. And let’s face it, spending a day at the beach with a bunch of attractive Italians clad in skimpy bathing suits (or nude), is fun.

I think the movie gets its charm from the director, Stefano Tummolini. He was at the screening with two of the actors. They instantly warmed to the audience and seemed surprised that two disparate cultures can share mutual experiences. He admitted, “you laughed at the moments I expected you to laugh, and you were moved when I wanted you to be moved.” Thanks Stefano, I was moved. And you reminded my why I love Italians.

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