Monday, January 19, 2009

Who knew advertising was so inspired?

Art and Copy is a perfectly fine documentary from director Doug Pray. But as someone who works in the ad business, I’m not buying it.

Sure the campaigns featured in the movie are brilliant. They’re fun, human, even emotional. So it’s worth seeing the movie just for the advertising fun. The titans of advertising featured in the movie are legendary—it was really interesting to hear their thoughts on the industry. But advertising is nowhere near as altruistic as these folks would like us to believe.

This is a lopsided documentary. And when you learn that the movie was produced by The One Club as a tribute to advertising’s greatest leaders, it’s easy to understand why the movie is so worshipful. This is the advertising industry masturbating—stroking itself for its own pleasure.

I think people will find Art and Copy enjoyable. I just wish it presented a more realistic view of advertising and how it affects our lives.

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