Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confessions of an art museum tourist.

Friend, artist, and fellow Sundance volunteer Jen Coluzzi made the trip from her home in Philly to NYC to join us for a day at the museums. Jen immediately launched into a tirade about museum tourists intent on snapping pictures of popular artworks in order to prove they’ve seen them. (Guilty.) The worst of these offenders? Those who have their pictures taken with the works of art. (Also guilty.)
Rather than deny my pedestrian picture-taking ways, I decided to knock Jen off her fine-art pedestal and introduce her to the joys of museum photography. After all, if Steve Martin can roller skate through museum galleries while a friend videotapes him (see L.A. Story), why can’t we have a little photo fun at the expense of the art world.

So Jen, these are for you.

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