Monday, June 7, 2010

Book fourteen: The Moonlit Earth by Christopher Rice.

Even though the weather seems to be refusing to admit it, summer is on its way.  And thanks to my book club choosing this book (even though I didn't), I'm now all excited by the approach of one of my favorite literary seasons, summer reading.

The Moonlit Earth by Christopher Rice has everything you want in a summer read: A plot that takes you to faraway lands; action that moves at breakneck speed; a dead-beat dad who long ago left a slightly crazy mother; a do-gooder daughter who's terrified and fearless all at that same time; ruthless killers; and villains who always keep you guessing.  There are a few good cliches too, like the gay flight attendant.  But there are also surprises. Like the young and gay Middle-Eastern rich kid who just doesn't get it.

Sure this book may not win any literary awards.  But who cares when the writing is crisp, the action fast, and the story loaded with twists and turns.  I've got a few more serious books still waiting on my Kindle.  But once I get through those, bring on the summer reads.

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