Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The re-gift.

I'm pretty sure that I've written about one work of art more than any other; Jochen Gerz's The Gift.  I talked about my original participation in the work here.  I talked about my return to the museum for the artist's reception here.  You can see photos of portraits from The Gift and their trip to SLC here. My appearance on the SFMOMA blog is discussed here. And I talked about finding my photo from The Gift here.

For almost a year and a half, two portraits from the work of art have been hanging in my office where they've inspire jokes, conversations, discussions about the value of art, and all sorts of other reactions.  Here's a reminder of what the pictures looked like in my office.

I recently decided it was time to shake up the art at the office. That meant moving the portraits to my house.  Yes, they're a little creepy late at night when you see complete strangers staring at you in the darkness.  But I've grown to love these strangers.  And I think I like them at home, even more than I did at the office. 

Since part of this whole artistic experiment is to talk about the experience of living with The Gift, I'm once again sharing photos of the portraits in their new home.  And in the process, saying thank you to Mr. Gerz and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for a whole lot of art world inspiration and fun.  Here are the portraits where they live now:


  1. I think it would be cool to find who's got our portraits, and see where we ended up at.

  2. You know, I miss those guys staring at me all day at work. But I have to admit, they look awesome at your house.