Friday, December 31, 2010

The art of the Christmas stocking, part two.

The most commented-on post I've written recently is the one about Christmas stockings.  So I decided an update is in order.  

Let's start with this bit of news.  In my last post I mentioned that as a kid, I created an R2D2 stocking the year that Star Wars was released.  I thought the stocking was long lost but someone rummaging through boxes in my basement recently found it.  Here is the Star Wars stocking that started it all.

Sure my execution skills have improved.  But really, how can you not love an R2D2 stocking, even if it is a little wonky? There's something weirdly goofy about a kid who creates a felt incarnation of R2D2.  And I'm not sure that kid has recovered from said goofiness. Here is this year's official Christmas stocking.

I call it Christmas Monkey from the Popeye Series.  It's a somewhat obscure reference to the work of Jeff Koons.  But just to prove I'm not making this stuff up, here are a few images of Jeff Koons works featuring the monkey that inspired the stocking. 

Koons even wrapped a CT Scanner for a children's hospital as part of the RxART program.

I'm guessing my goofy penchant for all things felt will continue next year.

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  1. Ok, i love baby Jeff's R2D2. You were so cute!

    And the stocking this year is impeccable! Turned out amazingly well. Love that little cute little monkey face, and the fact that it is high art too, is very cool.