Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I learned at Storm King: Art is serious.

Yes, Art is serious.  SERIOUS FUN, that is!

Storm King is nothing if not fun.  Sure there are works of art with signage that asks the viewer to not touch.  But most of the time, Storm King works overtime to get you to interact with the art.  There are works you're expected to climb into, walk over, or even bang with giant mallets to create sound.  Felix was perfectly happy to take this attitude to heart.  Here he and I will demonstrate some of the ways to have fun with art:

You can create goofy, fake perspective gags.  Here's Felix holding up Menashe Kadishman's Suspended (1977, weathering steel). Felix is strong.

You can mimic the Art.  Here's Felix returning what looks like a thumbs up from Emilio Greco's The Tall Bather (1957, Bronze) You go girl!

You can climb inside the Art.  Here I am emerging from Isamu Noguchi's Momo Taro (1977 - 1978, stone).

You can sleep with the Art.  Felix napping with Nam June Paik's Waiting for UFO (1992, bronze, stone, plastic, and concrete [in three parts]). It's so relaxing.

And, of course, you can pick Art's nose.  I leave you with one of Felix's finest fine-art moments.  He's seen here with a reproduction of an Easter Island Head (1970, aggregate composition stone).

I think more art should be this much fun.

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