Sunday, June 24, 2012

The best live party band ever!

I first saw the Scissor Sisters on September 21, 2004 at Liquid Joe's right here in Salt Lake City.  Jake Shears bought his outfit at the thrift store across the street.  I can't imagine that there were more than a hundred or so people there.  We danced and sang along to those amazing Scissor Sister songs.  We took Polaroids. Even Paddy Boom was there. And afterwards Baby Daddy took the time to chat and let us even take a Polaroid with him and Felix.

I can confidently say, that was the best live concert I've ever experienced. And it's the reason I've gone out of my way to experience the Scissor Sisters every chance I get.  I saw them at Sundance. I traveled to Denver to see them. We hung out afterwards and took a couple of Polaroids with the always gracious Jake Shears.

 And I saw them when they opened for Lady Gaga (they're better without Gaga!). None the less, they never disappoint.

Most recently, I traveled with Felix to Las Vegas for the first US performance of their latest tour.  And Jake, Ana, Baby Daddy, and Del Marquee reminded me once again that the Scissor Sisters are unquestionably the best live party band ever. So let's have a kiki! Why say anything more than that?  Here are a few pictures from the show.

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