Monday, March 1, 2010

In search of the Chow Truck.

After my culinary adventure in Vancouver with the Japadog, I resolved to look for more street food opportunities. So on my return to Salt Lake City, I started looking for new urban food stands.  I was delighted to learn of the Chow Truck and immediately went about planning a trip.
The first trick is to find the Chow Truck.  The truck has no set schedule but fortunately posts its weekly stops on the Web.  Learning that the truck would be making a stop at Trolley Square, I convinced coworkers Reid (who someday hopes to open Salt Lake City's answer to Japadog) and Kara to join me for a trip to the Chow Truck. The food was terrific. Here are a few photos:

The lines aren't as long as at Japadog, but there was a steady stream of customers.

Reid and Kara wait impatiently for their orders.

Self portrait with Chow Truck. 

Reid started with the flash-fried calamari dusted with Asian spice.

Kara opted for tacos, one with coconut-lemon grass chicken and one with ginger-pineapple pork.

I enjoyed a taco and a spicy beef slider with cilantro-chile pesto, Asian slaw, and wonton crunchies.

Here I am enjoying lunch.  Yum!

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  1. Oh, yum! When can we go back?! I love the Chow truck.