Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Only in Vancouver.

Sometimes, a city like Vancouver can feel a little too much like home.  There are the Home Depots and the Walmarts.  The Gaps and the McDonalds.  There just doesn't seem to be anything different.  And then you discover the Japadog.  What's a Japadog?  It's a Japanese style hot dog that you can only get in Vancouver.  And they are wildly popular with locals and celebrities alike, which means you have wait in a long line to get one.  (I've been told the lines are just as long even when the olympics aren't in town.  The hots dogs are sold from a street cart.  Oh, forget it, it's easier if I explain it with photographs.

You gotta wait if you want a Japadog because the lines are long:

Even after you wait in line to order, you still have to wait in another line to get your food.

And here's the food.  We ordered an Okonomi (a bratwurst with fried cabbage and bonito flakes), an edamame Oroshi (a hotdog filled with meat and Edamame garnished with with daikon), and an Ume (a bratwurst with onions and some sort of magic Japanese sauce). 

I love a great travel adventure, especially when it involves street food.