Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Lady Gaga: Will you be in my next celebrity Polaroid portrait?

As I recently noted, Polaroid has introduced a new instant film camera.  And it's brought back all kinds of memories.  One of those memories involves the celebrity instant portrait.  Here are few favorites from my i-Zone collection.

For example, here are a few i-Zone photos taken at a Moby after party.  Moby wasn't thrilled with me and my Polaroid until I took a picture of him with a beautiful young woman and then it was as if I was the official Moby i-Zone photographer.

Here's Felix with Moby.

And here are a few photos of Moby's band. (Yes that's me getting all chummy with the band.)

Then there are the pictures of the Scissor Sister taken on their first visit to Salt Lake City.  I took these at Liquid Joe's at one of the funnest concerts I've ever been too.  Jake Shears was fantastic:

Baby Dady was his chill self, even when posing for a picture with Felix.

And the rest of the band from Ana Matronic to Del Marquis made for a great night.

And I ask you this: Who else has an i-Zone portrait of the elusive Ru Paul?

I've decided it's time for the return of the celebrity Polaroid portrait and I'm asking you, Lady Gaga to be the subject.  Oh you may say that you're at a level of celebrity far beyond the stars featured here.  But none of these stars is the creative director for Polaroid. I think that gives you an added incentive to make yourself available for an official instant portrait.  As an established celebrity Polaroid photographer, I'd be happy to take a picture or two. And as luck would have it, I'll be in Vegas this weekend at your concert with my brand new Polaroid 300.  Maybe you could spare a few minutes. Let me know.

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