Sunday, May 1, 2011

How many hippies does it take to erect a May pole?

It's May 1 at Liberty Park.  And that means that this weekend is Earth Jam!  Which translates into a lot of hippies at the park.  You can buy tie-died anything, get your hemp on, and hoola-hoop to your heart's content.  This year's Earth Jam was extra fun.  Contestants for Food TV's Great Food Truck Race were in town shooting for the TV shows and a couple were at the park.  I think both "Seabirds" and "Hodge Podge" must have been contestants based on the TV crews and the warnings that I might be on TV just by walking past the trucks.

My favorite part of Earth Jam 2011? The gaggle of hippies trying to erect a May pole.  Here they are early on.

Here they are an hour later.  

At this point the hole they're digging to secure the pole is so deep that the Liberty Park grounds crew will be working all week to remedy the damage.

I'm a big fan of the Liberty Park hippies.  And I hope they succeed in their May Day endeavors.  But I'm not waiting around to find out.

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  1. Hilares. It is so funny when hippies try to organize.