Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Wednesday walk in the park.

Wow! Spring has finally sprung at Liberty Park.  Which means an average Wednesday walk turns into something extraordinary.

First, Chevron's attempt to repent for its oil-spill sins is finally paying off.  The pond is full again and the new concrete borders with river stones are a significant improvement.  (I'm not yet willing to forgive Chevron.  You still have to look through a chain link fence to enjoy the pond).

At least the water birds are back including the first of the babies.  Yes it's silly. But baby geese still make me feel like a little kid.

The eagle fountain outside the original entrance to Tracy Aviary is flowing.

All this would be enough to make a spring walk at Liberty Park spectacular.  But the best part about spring at the park is the return of the eccentrics.

The Medieval battle group is back.

And look, it's the return of the Gay Flag Brigade.  OK, I made that name up. But it still makes be happy to see them back.

Last but not least, something new: A guy dangling from a tree!

It's just another Wednesday evening walk. I love Liberty Park. 

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