Monday, October 31, 2011

The return of the Disco Cowboy, a Heel Toe Project event.

I recently posted about my participation in Shalee Cooper's Heel Toe Project.  It involves taking pictures of a pair of cowboy boots.  With that in mind, and with a bunch of invites to Halloween parties, I decided to break out a costume I created about a decade ago, the Disco Cowboy.  And this time, I featured the boots from the Heel Toe Project.

An addition to this year's version of the Disco Cowboy is the mustache.  I was invited to a "Hipsterween" party which threatened to draw a Sharpie mustache on the face of anyone who showed up without one, a mustache that is.  I have to say, I think the crazy mustache adds to the 70s vibe of the Disco Cowboy.  Consider these photos a Halloween tribute to the Heel Toe Project.

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