Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And last, but not least.

I saw 16 movies this year at Sundance and I've arrived at the final movie post from my 2010 Sundance Film Festival experience. (I may have one or two more Sundance related posts but not about specific movies.)  The final movie was Nowhere Boy from director Sam Taylor Wood. 

This movie explores rock and roll in the 1950s by following a young trouble-making rock musician named John.  I think this film might be a bit of a tribute to the formative year's of John Lennon.

Nowhere Boy is beautiful with it's gorgeous 1955 clothes, cars, and hairstyles.  But it made me feel old.  I grew up in the 70s when the 1950s were a recent memory. We were still going to sock hops and watching Happy Days.  The 50s just weren't that exotic.

Now, a movie set in the 1950s feels like a period piece.  Seriously, all those slim-waisted house wives, and those leather clad troublemakers, and even those classic cars seem closer to the time frame of a Jane Austen novel than they do to a modern tale. I guess I should raise a glass to the good ol' days.

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