Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Much of what you've heard about computer geeks may be true.

Life 2.0 from director Jason Spingarn-Koff wasn't the best movie I saw at Sundance, but it was one of the most fun. It tells three stories of people who not only live in real life, they also live in Second Life. And these are three strange stories.

First up, a man and a woman who lives miles apart, meet in Second Life, and develop a deep and committed relationship.  Before long, they've left their respective spouses, have met several times in person, and decide to move their relationship from Second Life to real life.  Maybe this can work.

Story two, a woman who designs clothes and houses for Second Life residents.  She lives with her parents, works in her pajamas, and is raking in a six-figure income from her Second Life designs. Well at least until some hacker starts stealing her designs and selling them for himself.  She responds with a law suit which she wins.  Seems like Second Life isn't immune to the real life legal system.

The third story is about a young man engaged to be married who creates a Second Life avatar that's a teenage girl. I don't want to give away the ending, but I'm guessing you can figure the general outcome of this tale.

The filmmaker uses some ingenious devices.  He creates his own avatar in Second Life (complete with video camera slung over his shoulder).  He then conducts several of the film's interviews in Second Life.

One of the reasons I go to Sundance is to see stories about people who are outside my world view.  People I might never otherwise meet.  And this movie introduced me to some of the most interesting, strange, and slightly creepy characters I've ever met.  And I loved them all.  I'd definitely add this movie to your Netflix list (if it's available).

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  1. Is it sad when people have more of a life in Second Life than I do in my First Life?