Saturday, February 13, 2010

Die snow mommy, die.

I just saw someone rip the guts out of a snowman.

I went to a Vancouver Cultural Olympiad performance called Nix. It was held in a snow theater by Lost Lake near Whistler. During the performance, the girl character thrusts her hand into the guts of a snow woman and literally rips out her frozen entrails. Later the girl pulls out the snowy creature's blue and frozen heart. All because the girl has issues with her mom.

There was also a tuba that belched flames as it was played. Oh, and a woman who was 10.5 months pregnant. And an arsonist who can't start fires anymore because in a post apocalyptic world it's just too cold.

And it was cold. But I guess it has to be when your entire set is built from ice and snow. At least there were sheepskin seat covers and white fleece blankets to help fight the chill.

Too bad they didn't allow photography. I guess we can't have such violent images of snow-person mutilation getting out in the world. Who knows what might happen?

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