Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, the world's cutest accordion player.

I hesitate to make this post because in doing so, I admit that I like accordion music.  Yes, I often watch the Lawrence Welk show on PBS.  The very first TV shows that my Tivo recommended for me were some totally obscure, public-access cable shows that featured nothing but local polka bands filled with accordions.  And is there anything better than an Argentinian Tango played on a melancholy accordion? So it was with some delight that I ran into this band (I wish I knew their name) while I was at Whistler.

Sure the front man thought he was the star.  But he couldn't hold a candle to the sparkling charm, the devastating smile, the chic style, the casual good looks, and the musical perfection of the accordion player. And that's why I can say with some confidence, that whoever he is, he's the world's cutest accordion player.

Here's a video that can't possibly do him justice.

Of course, just to remind me that accordion players have a long way to go to get to cool, this was the entertainment at the Portland airport on the way home.

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