Thursday, March 17, 2011

Food truck: Austin Edition.

Sure, Vancouver has the Japadog. And we have the Chow Truck right here in Salt Lake City.  But I’ve never been to place with so many food trucks and trailers.  Maybe it’s the nice weather.  Maybe it’s the love of tacos. Or maybe it’s the penchant for all things funky.  Whatever it is, Austin loves it's food trucks. I only had time to visit two: the first and favorite was Torchy’s Tacos.  It was a bit of a jaunt to get to this trailer park turned outdoor food court.  But it was worth the trip. 

I had a fried avocado taco and something called the Trailer Park.

And how can you not love a place that sells t-shirts that read, “Show me your taco.”

We also went to a place called Turf n’ Surf Poboy where I was so hungry, I forgot to take pictures of my food. But here’s a photo of the truck.

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