Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sundance report: The Guard (that's Irish for police officer).

If you were my parents, you might have walked out of The Guard for the language alone.  The f*!#-to-other-words ratio was sky high. But even with all the profanity, this movie is delightful; OK maybe delightful is the wrong word.  Nonetheles, it's easy like with the hardened characters and cranky attitudes in this crazy cop adventure.

Brendan Gleeson is brilliant as the small-town Sergeant Gerry Boyle.  He has a wicked sense of humor that masks his good intentions.  It seems as though he doesn't care about anyone or anything.  When an FBI agent (Don Cheadle) shows up to help investigate an international drug-smuggline ring, Boyle remains determined to stick to his cranky routine.

But as is the case with all great cop buddy movies, Cheadle and Gleeson somehow develop what could be mistaken for a friendship.  [SPOILER ALERT] And by the end of the movie, the audience is left wondering wheter Seargeant Boyle has courageously died while taking down the bad guys, or if it was all his plan for a brilliant exit strategy.

During the Q&A, the director of the film, John Michael McDonagh, annouced that the movie had been picked up for distribution that very day.  So you might get the chance to see The Guard in theaters.  It's worth a visit to your local cinema.

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