Saturday, January 8, 2011

No butterflies were harmed in the making of these sneakers.

Remember earlier this year when I got a new pair of fancy Art sneakers designed by Jenny Holzer.  Well 2010 may just be the official year of the Art sneaker.  Because for Christmas, I got a pair of shoes that totally up-level the idea of artsy footwear.  Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Converse(red) high tops designed by non other than the Art world's enfant terrible, Damien Hirst. 

These shoes take their lead from Hirst's paintings that feature real butterflies stuck to canvases with paint.  So there probably were a few butterflies that gave their all to help create the print featured on the shoes. (Even the lining of the shoes has butterflies.)

Big thanks to Felix for making the extra effort to track down a pair of these.  I love them.

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